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Find More Joy in Your Holiday Season Thumbnail

Find More Joy in Your Holiday Season

Even for those of us who are looking forward to big celebrations with our loved ones, the holidays can be full of conflicting emotions. You might be feeling pressure to plan and host the "perfect" holiday party. Baking and shopping for everyone on your Nice List can be stressful. You might be worried about making it through just one family gathering without an argument. And if you are spending your holidays away from loved ones, loneliness could have you feeling less-than festive. One of these activities might help you beat those holiday blues, experience the joy of the season, and spread that goodwill to other people.

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Henderson Engineers Puts People First with New ESOP Thumbnail

Henderson Engineers Puts People First with New ESOP

Because of the strong ties that Keen Wealth has established with metro Kansas City’s thriving engineering community, we’ve gained real appreciation for the power of employee stock ownership plans, or ESOPs. The Harvard Business Review study shows that companies that implement this unique structure dramatically improve their performance by empowering their workers to think and act like owners. ESOPs can also improve workforce retention, which is a boon for both young workers seeking career stability and companies that are battling for talent in a tight labor market.

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4 Tips to Build Healthier Habits and Age Well Thumbnail

4 Tips to Build Healthier Habits and Age Well

In my book, blogs, and podcasts, you'll often hear me call retirement "the best half" of life. And I truly believe that with the support of a comprehensive financial plan, your golden years can be a long and enriching chapter full of adventure, connection, and self-discovery. But it's also true that the realities of aging can cut some of that fun short. The older we get, the more our knees and backs start aching, the longer bumps and bruises linger, and the quicker we run out of energy. The good news is that we all have more control over our physical health than we sometimes realize. These tips can help you improve your self-care routine and set goals that will help you age well in the New Year and into retirement.

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Lessons in Successful Long-Term Planning from the 2nd Edition of Keen on Retirement Thumbnail

Lessons in Successful Long-Term Planning from the 2nd Edition of Keen on Retirement

Thanks to the tremendous support of the Keen Wealth community, our podcast audience, and readers of our blog, I'm thrilled to announce that that the 2nd Edition of Keen on Retirement: Engineering The Second Half Of Your Life has hit Amazon's best-seller list! I think one of the reasons that folks have connected with the book is that I try to present up-to-date information on things like the SECURE Act and Medicare with an eye towards the big picture. And I think maintaining that wider perspective in your financial planning has only become more important since I published the 1st Edition of the book in 2019. The pandemic accelerated so many things in our society, from how we connect and communicate to how our government thinks about retirement. If you aren't working with an advisor and following a comprehensive financial plan, it's very easy to let the news of the day or the hot get-rich-quick pitch lead you off the path towards a safe, secure, and fulfilling retirement. On today's show, we talk about some of the additions I made to the 2nd Edition of my book. I sincerely hope that this new material and our discussion broadens your own perspective and helps you maintain focus on sound financial planning principles.

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Reflections on Gratitude from Keen Wealth Advisors Thumbnail

Reflections on Gratitude from Keen Wealth Advisors

Among the many things that I’m thankful for this year – and every year – is the incredible team here at Keen Wealth Advisors. I wanted to open up my annual Thanksgiving post to give my team an opportunity to express their gratitude and share a little bit of their lives and work with our audience.

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