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With our goal of helping you thrive before and during your retirement years, Keen Wealth Advisors is dedicated to providing you with ongoing online education workshops designed to keep you apprised of latest trends and updates that may impact your financial picture in retirement. Please register and join us for these informative webinars.


Staying Safe from Cyber Fraud with Jeff Lanza 

You will not want to miss this event as retired FBI Agent Jeff Lanza uses real-life FBI cases to inform and keep people safe in a world of new and emerging threats.

Identity theft and cyber fraud are the fastest growing crimes in the United States. This event focuses on how criminals steal identities and commit cyber fraud. We will demonstrate the simple steps individuals can employ to keep their identities safe and protect themselves from the plethora of scams and frauds that pervade our society.  During the event, we will provide numerous resources, specific tips, and recommendations. 

At this event, you will learn: 

  • How to protect your key identifiers from identity theft
  • How to avoid social engineering, spoofing and scam phone calls
  • What to do to prevent email hijacking and account takeovers
  • How to avoid credit and debit card fraud
  • The new ways senior citizens are defrauded
  • The steps to take to protect your home computer from malware
  • How to be safe online in emailing, shopping and communicating

Please join us for our virtual event on Wednesday, September 29th at 6pm CT.



For more educational content and webinar replays covering topics such as The SECURE ACT, Market Updates, and much more, please input your email and click the button below.