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Keen On Retirement

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Should You Unretire? Thumbnail

Should You Unretire?

For previous generations of seniors, "retirement" meant the end of work, period. The modern version of retirement often isn't that cut and dry. A growing number of seniors who have achieved total financial independence are "unretiring" not because they need money, but because working in some capacity makes their golden years more purposeful and enjoyable. If any of these thoughts about unretiring ring a bell, it might be time to sit down with your advisor and talk about what returning to the workforce could mean for your financial plan.

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Tax Season May Be Ending But Effective Tax Planning Never Stops Thumbnail

Tax Season May Be Ending But Effective Tax Planning Never Stops

Why are we talking taxes on today’s episode, when the 2022 tax season is already over? Because taxes are a constantly evolving part of a comprehensive financial plan. The rules around tax planning and retirement change. Your taxable income changes. And, most importantly, your life changes. Today, we discuss some of the tax items on our checklist-driven planning process at Keen Wealth that keep every part of a financial plan in sync throughout the year.

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Answering Your Questions about Retirement Spending Thumbnail

Answering Your Questions about Retirement Spending

I know I say this every time we answer listener questions, but these are some of my favorite episodes of Keen on Retirement. I love hearing from listeners trying to think through crucial financial planning issues and be proactive about their lives. And I'm thrilled that so many folks in our audience took the time to attend our most recent webinar on Retirement Spending, reflect on the info that Keen Wealth's Matt Wilson presented, and send in thoughtful follow-up questions on a wide range of essential topics.

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Should You Relocate When You Retire? Thumbnail

Should You Relocate When You Retire?

Where do you see yourself when you picture your dream retirement? Lounging on the beach? Playing golf with new neighbors in a gated community? Taking a quick walk from your condo to watch your grandkids play soccer? Moving abroad for an authentic international experience? Enjoying the hustle and bustle of big city living? Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of relocating in retirement, including potential effects on your financial planning.

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What’s New for Retirees in SECURE Act 2.0? Thumbnail

What’s New for Retirees in SECURE Act 2.0?

When our leaders in Washington passed the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act in 2019, it marked a major change in retirement planning. In a sense, the government was codifying advice that many financial advisors -- including my team at Keen Wealth -- had been giving for years. The next generation of retirees is going to live longer, with more active lives than any before it. Very few younger workers are going to stay at the same company for decades and earn generous pensions. Very few older workers will automatically retire at 65. And for most folks, Social Security alone will not fund a safe, secure, and rewarding retirement.

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Answering Listener Questions on the SECURE Act 2.0 and Maximizing Retirement Resources Thumbnail

Answering Listener Questions on the SECURE Act 2.0 and Maximizing Retirement Resources

It's clear from our latest batch of listener questions that the Keen on Retirement audience has been paying attention to how recent legislation is affecting retirement planning. But today's episode should also clarify just how challenging it can be for folks to find the answers they need when so many details keep changing. My team at Keen Wealth doesn't just dig into the fine print: we understand how to apply these rules to individual financial scenarios and create appropriate outcomes for folks in retirement.

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