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Keen On Retirement

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Keen Wealth’s Checklist for Caring for Elderly Relatives Thumbnail

Keen Wealth’s Checklist for Caring for Elderly Relatives

On today's show, we discuss a topic that many of us will deal with from multiple angles: caring for elderly family members. Many baby boomers who are transitioning into retirement have also become caregivers for their parents or older relatives. At the same time, these retirees may be beginning to talk to their children or grandchildren about some estate planning basics and how they want to be cared for if they start to experience a decline later in life. These are some of the most challenging decisions to make and some of the hardest conversations to have. But making a plan while you and the people you're caring for are still healthy and opening up about your wishes with loved ones can make the tough times we all experience in life a little bit easier down the road.

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Should You Unretire? Thumbnail

Should You Unretire?

For previous generations of seniors, "retirement" meant the end of work, period. The modern version of retirement often isn't that cut and dry. A growing number of seniors who have achieved total financial independence are "unretiring" not because they need money, but because working in some capacity makes their golden years more purposeful and enjoyable. If any of these thoughts about unretiring ring a bell, it might be time to sit down with your advisor and talk about what returning to the workforce could mean for your financial plan.

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Tax Season May Be Ending But Effective Tax Planning Never Stops Thumbnail

Tax Season May Be Ending But Effective Tax Planning Never Stops

Why are we talking taxes on today’s episode, when the 2022 tax season is already over? Because taxes are a constantly evolving part of a comprehensive financial plan. The rules around tax planning and retirement change. Your taxable income changes. And, most importantly, your life changes. Today, we discuss some of the tax items on our checklist-driven planning process at Keen Wealth that keep every part of a financial plan in sync throughout the year.

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Answering Your Questions about Retirement Spending Thumbnail

Answering Your Questions about Retirement Spending

I know I say this every time we answer listener questions, but these are some of my favorite episodes of Keen on Retirement. I love hearing from listeners trying to think through crucial financial planning issues and be proactive about their lives. And I'm thrilled that so many folks in our audience took the time to attend our most recent webinar on Retirement Spending, reflect on the info that Keen Wealth's Matt Wilson presented, and send in thoughtful follow-up questions on a wide range of essential topics.

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Will Declining Life Expectancy in the U.S. Affect Your Retirement Plan? Thumbnail

Will Declining Life Expectancy in the U.S. Affect Your Retirement Plan?

U.S. life expectancy is trending in the wrong direction for the first time in decades. According to data from the Center for Disease Control, in 2014 the average American was expected to live 78.9 years. In 2021, after several years of plateauing life expectancy, that figure dipped to 76.4 years, the sharpest 2-year decline in over 100 years. From a financial planning perspective, Keen Wealth still believes that folks need to prepare for a retirement that's going to last, potentially, decades. But this latest life expectancy data does raise some important issues about what we can do both individually and in our communities to turn these trends around so that we can all enjoy our golden years to the fullest.

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Answering Your Questions About “Timing” the Retirement Transition Thumbnail

Answering Your Questions About “Timing” the Retirement Transition

We received very positive feedback from folks who attended our most recent educational webinar, "Timing is Everything." And, we also received some excellent follow-up questions that we're going to address on today's episode. Our conversation ranges from transportation costs to health insurance and asset allocations. We also discuss what we mean by “timing” in retirement and how Keen Wealth’s comprehensive planning process prepares folks for the best half of life.

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