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Keen On Retirement

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Developing a Healthy Relationship With Money Thumbnail

Developing a Healthy Relationship With Money

To help me explore these important intersections, I'm thrilled to welcome Dr. Megan McCoy to today's episode. Dr. McCoy is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Certified Financial Therapist-I. At Kansas State University, she's a Professor of Practice and Director of the Financial Planning Masters Program and key faculty in the Financial Therapy Certificate Program. Dr. McCoy is also an Executive Board member for the Financial Therapy Association and the Associate Editor of the Journal of Financial Therapy.

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What Do Wealth and Comfort Mean in Retirement? Thumbnail

What Do Wealth and Comfort Mean in Retirement?

"Wealthy" is another category that's a lot more relative than people may realize. Sure, we talk about "the 1%" a lot in our society. Others might point to the IRS' tax brackets to gauge wealth. But Charles Schwab's Modern Wealth Survey 2022 shows that people want more from their money than just wealth -- they want to be able to live a life that aligns with what's most important to them.

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