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Coping With the Loss of Identity After Retirement Thumbnail

Coping With the Loss of Identity After Retirement

Seniors who aren't looking forward to retirement usually have more on their minds than just a job. In my experience, reluctant retirees are often struggling with a loss of identity. They're asking themselves complicated personal questions like, What am I going to do all day? What is my purpose at this next stage of life? Who am I if I'm not an engineer, or a doctor, or an executive? Reflecting on these issues and discussing them with friends, family, and your financial advisor ahead of retirement can help you approach this transition from a more positive place. Let's talk about some of the challenges around identity that retirees should be preparing for as well as some of the exciting opportunities you have to look forward to.

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What Does It Take to Be in the Top 1% Of Household Income in Your State? Thumbnail

What Does It Take to Be in the Top 1% Of Household Income in Your State?

According to a recent study of data from the IRS and U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, households that earn $652,657 or more per year are in the top 1% of earners in the nation. But the income you need to earn to be a "one-percenter" varies quite a bit on a state-by-state basis. And just like living well in California probably won't cost the same as living well here in the Midwest, your idea of what it means to be "wealthy" in life could be very different than your neighbor's, or even your spouse's. I believe that staying focused on those personal values and money goals is much more important than hitting some arbitrary number before retirement. Still, talking through these statistics can be a useful way to put your financial journey in perspective and have more purposeful conversations about money, happiness, and what's really important in life.

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What Taylor Swift's Tour Can Teach Us About the "Eras" of Retirement Thumbnail

What Taylor Swift's Tour Can Teach Us About the "Eras" of Retirement

I am not what the kids would call a "Swiftie," but I recognize talent when I see it! So how did I end up in the capacity crowd at Arrowhead Stadium last week watching Taylor Swift? On today's show, we talk about my family's experience at "The Eras Tour" and tie that incredible night into a larger discussion about what money is really for, especially in retirement.

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You’re Retired, Now Let’s Get Fit! Thumbnail

You’re Retired, Now Let’s Get Fit!

I try to encourage seniors to think about retirement as a beginning, not an end. That means it's never too late to dive into activities that you set aside for "someday" or never quite found time for when you were busy working and raising your family. And that definitely includes your health. I learned from my own personal fitness journey that if you set goals and commit to them, you'll be amazed what you can accomplish at any age. Try this quick three-step process to clear some mental, emotional, and financial hurdles that could be standing between you and a healthier retirement.

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Answering Your Questions About Paying Taxes in Retirement Thumbnail

Answering Your Questions About Paying Taxes in Retirement

Without careful analysis and planning, taxes can become one of the biggest expenses for retirees -- if not the biggest. Matt Wilson, Chief Investment Officer and President of Keen Wealth Advisors, recently hosted a webinar discussing the tax issues you could face at four stages of retirement. Today's podcast episode hits on some of Matt's key points and answers important follow-up questions from webinar attendees. Together, this content provides a full picture of how Keen Wealth integrates both annual tax preparation and long-term tax planning into a comprehensive financial plan.

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The Roller-Coaster Ride of Retirement Emotions Thumbnail

The Roller-Coaster Ride of Retirement Emotions

In the run-up to retirement, many folks are very focused on how their finances are going to change. But as you're working on an annual withdrawal strategy, reconsidering your monthly budget, and preparing to transition to Medicare, it can be easy to overlook how retirement will impact you psychologically and emotionally. And, unlike clocking out on that last day of work, the way your thoughts and feelings change in retirement won't be a "one-and-done" experience. It's likely that you'll go through many ups and downs as you progress through these five stages.

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