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WEBINAR ON DEMAND: Unexpected Retirement, June 2024

Are you being forced to retire early for any reason? No matter the reason, you should have a thoughtful plan of action should you be faced with this scenario. During this webinar, our President and CIO, Matt Wilson, discussed the steps you should take to be prepared to navigate this complex transition. The webinar delved into the following topics: - Health Insurance - Social Security - Pension Plans - Debt - Budgeting - Investment Decisions

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WEBINAR REPLAY: Retirement Spending: What You Need To Know Before You Retire, March 2024

This webinar is designed to help prepare you for your spending needs in retirement, BEFORE you retire. During this event, we have: - Learned what retirees are spending and how to evaluate your spending needs. - Determined if your spending needs are reasonable with respect to your resources. - Identified if you will have margin built in for entertainment, emergencies, and unexpected expenses.

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WEBINAR REPLAY: Tax Planning Through the Four Stages of Retirement, February 2024

We conducted a complimentary virtual workshop on Tax Planning Through Four Stages of Retirement. During this webinar, we learned about: - The critical tax questions you must answer BEFORE retirement - The surprises that often make retirement more expensive - What the Social Security “tax trap” is and how you can avoid it - Why tapping assets in the wrong order can trigger higher Medicare premiums - Why you need to manage taxes even before you retire - The four stages of retirement and important tax actions in each stage, including tricky IRA challenges - Mistakes to avoid when it comes to your investment portfolio, health care, and estate

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WEBINAR REPLAY: The SECURE Act 2.0, January 2024

In this webinar you will learn the key takeaways of the SECURE Act 2.0, the new legislation that aims to strengthen the retirement system and improve Americans' financial readiness for retirement. Areas of discussion included: The age to start taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) is increasing New rules for beneficiaries and surviving spouses The penalty for failing to take an RMD is changing Changes to Qualified Charitable Distributions 529 accounts have more flexibility Catch-up contributions for those still working are increasing

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WEBINAR REPLAY: 2024 Annual Market Outlook, December 2023

This webinar is an opportunity to gain professional insights into the financial landscape as we delve into the 2023 market recap and unveil our 2024 market outlook. Areas of discussion included: - An overview of the key events and trends that shaped the 2023 market landscape - Our 2024 market outlook, highlighting potential opportunities and challenges - A special holiday message from our Keen Wealth Advisors team and families

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