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Wescom ESOP

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Contact us to set up your personalized retirement plan meeting.

The next step of the process is for us to begin gaining an understanding of where you are on the path toward achieving your retirement goals.

One of our advisors will schedule a time to discuss your specific goals and concerns and gain insight into your unique financial situation. The advisor will follow a checklist of important information to help ensure no detail is overlooked.

Through this meeting, we will seek to understand your:

         • Personal income needs

         • Specific family needs (support for parents and children now and in the future)

         • Estate plan

         • Taxes

         • Health, life, and long-term care needs

         • Debt levels

         • Investment and savings account balances

We use the insight gained in this meeting to begin creating your financial plan. Based on your specific needs, we will also work to identify strategies to improve your tax situation, reallocate investments, eliminate debt, and pass assets to the next generation.

To set up your meeting, email us at Wescomesop@KeenWealthAdvisors.com.