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Keen on Retirement

Engineering The Second Half Of Your Life


As you approach retirement, questions begin to stack up that you may not be able to answer:

  • Do I have enough, or will I run out of money later in life? 
  • What will happen to my spouse if I die? 
  • How do I avoid costly mistakes and maximize my resources going forward?

More than anything, you want to know: Am I going to be OK?

These questions exist because preparing for retirement is not easy. You're not sure which advisors to trust, you worry about being sold a product for the wrong reasons.  Above all, it's daunting to share your financial information to another person.

In Keen on Retirement, Bill Keen shares insights he's gained from thousands of client meetings over a career spanning nearly three decades to help you approach retirement confidently. In addition to walking you through the common steps of building a retirement financial plan, Bill tackles the psychological and emotional challenges associated with retirement. He offers guidance to disciplined savers who are anxious about becoming spenders, and he helps individuals and couples get clarity around what their life will look like in retirement.


"Mr. Keen's book on retirement planning takes a much needed 10,000-foot view on the subject that we all need to hear. Too often, retirement planning is all about the number that we need to save to be able to retire comfortably. Bill takes us through the many other aspects of planning for retirement beyond just "the number." Things we probably hadn't considered are brought to the forefront, with helpful real-world examples. Great book, easy read, and thorough in its coverage. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to reach and enjoy retirement well prepared."
--Joe Ratterman, retired stock exchange CEO and active board director for Cboe Global Markets and Angel Flight Central

“Bill Keen speaks from the heart based on his own real-life experiences. He has seen how challenging it can be on so many fronts when you don’t plan well, plan for the unexpected, and don’t seek professional guidance. This book can make a difference in how you prepare for some of the greatest years of your life.”

- Jim Stowers III, Oxford Companies founder, former chairman at American Century Companies

“Retirement failure is massive, looming and yet still an underrecognized crisis in this country. In this thoughtful book, Bill Keen addresses the challenges that can come from failing to plan for all aspects of your retirement. Keen on Retirement is a worthy read for anyone wondering if they are saving enough for the retirement lifestyle they desire.”

-Sterling Shea, global head of wealth and asset management at Dow Jones; associate publisher, head of advisory and wealth management programs at Barron’s